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Falk Waas Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Welcomes New Legal Talent

As Falk Waas marks its 40th anniversary, it is a moment to reflect on the enduring success of this homegrown firm in an era where many local firms face acquisitions, mergers, or closures. The firm’s thriving journey is a testament to the remarkable people who comprise it, starting with its founder, Glenn Falk.

Four decades ago, Glenn Falk, a young attorney with a growing family, embarked on a bold journey. He left behind a prestigious Miami law firm known for producing some of South Florida’s most prominent trial lawyers and judges. With unwavering determination and a commitment to his word, he set out to create what we now know as Falk Waas. Glenn’s generosity, exceptional legal talent, and his ability to bring laughter and smiles to those around him have guided this firm.

In the early days, Glenn joined forces with Norman Waas, Edward Hernandez, and Scott Solomon, all exceptional lawyers and teachers. Together, they paved the way for what Falk Waas has become today. Their achievements never compromised the values instilled by Glenn — values that continue to define who we are and what we stand for.

“Falk Waas is a unique and extraordinary firm, thanks to the talented, dedicated, and diverse individuals who are part of our family,” said Scott L. Mendlestein, the managing shareholder of Falk Waas. “Each day, we come together, share moments of laughter, perhaps a little too loudly, enjoy our Tequila Fridays, and make this place truly different and special. Whether members have been with the firm for two decades or just two days, we hope they can feel the unique essence of this firm.”

Over the past year, Falk Waas has experienced tremendous growth and has become the largest it has ever been. The firm is now preparing for the next 40 years, and its thoughtful expansion is a testament to its commitment to continued success.

In response to the changing legal landscape, the firm has strategically added new members to its legal team. These additions include Doga Barut, Adrienne Kanter, Alexander Pollock, Gabriel Lopez, Krystina Machado, Michelle Denis, Taylor Ribaudo, and Marissa Stockwell each bringing their own expertise and dedication. Significantly, the firm takes pride in the diversity of its new hires, with several accomplished women joining the existing cadre of accomplished female professionals. Falk Waas recognizes that it is essential to thoughtfully expand its talent pool to meet the demands of its clients and to adapt to the evolving legal environment.

On this 40th anniversary, the firm extends its heartfelt gratitude to each one of its members for their contributions that make it successful every day. The leadership looks forward to continuing this incredible journey with all of them.

Mendlestein added: “Our firm’s success story is built on a foundation of dedication and exceptional work, resulting in positive results for our clients. We believe that good work and good results yield business success, and it’s this belief that has guided us through 40 years of excellence.”

Additionally, Carolina Diaz Granados, the firm’s first-ever Human Resources Director at Falk Waas, shares another sentiment echoing the thoughts of its new hires: “Falk Waas represents an exciting chapter in our legal careers. We’re thrilled to be part of a firm that values inclusivity, diversity, and the opportunity for professional growth. It’s an honor to join this exceptional team as we work together to shape the next 40 years.”

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Falk, Waas, Hernandez, Solomon, Mendlestein & Davis, P.A., celebrating four decades since its establishment in 1983, is an exceptional law firm based in Florida. With a rich history of 40 years, the firm has consistently secured positive results for its clients. Specializing in high quality, strategic legal defense representation, Falk Waas handles personal injury litigation matters, including medical negligence, wrongful death, premises liability, general liability, auto negligence, and trucking liability. The firm also represents healthcare providers, insureds, and insurers in civil litigation, including coverage disputes, administrative matters, and bad faith actions. Falk Waas has cultivated a collaborative culture, leveraging each attorney’s expertise and experience to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results for each and every client, individual or corporate. The firm has offices located in Miami, Boca Raton, Lake City, and Melbourne. For more information, please visit: