Integrity, collaboration, and experience is at the heart of how we do what we do

What began as a small Miami firm in 1983 is now an equally tight-knit but generational firm with decades of experience in representing clients throughout Florida.

Falk Waas has a proven track record in handling thousands of significant cases for a dynamic client base, with each and every one rooted in integrity, collaboration, and experience.


Our firm handles every case with integrity. The positive results we bring to our clients do not happen behind closed doors—they happen through wholehearted advocacy and insightful guidance to ensure our clients’ best interests and reduce potential risk.


Our team always goes the extra mile when handling cases, with 24/7 communication, tapping into each attorney’s specialized expertise to ensure successful results. This allows us to thoroughly meet our clients’ needs.


Not only have Falk Waas attorneys gained and developed a vast knowledge base over the years, but our firm has also established and nurtured long-standing client relationships.

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